Monday, February 25, 2013

Suburban Empire News - 2.25.13

New releases on the horizon for Suburban Empire Records!

Dates are not set in stone yet but Suburban Empire Records has two released set for the spring of 2013.

The first release will be a re-issue/re-release of the Pulpit Red compilation album Backbreaker. For those of you that don't know, Pulpit Red was a rock/punkrock/glam rock band that formed in the mid-1990s in Oklahoma City and eventually broke up in 2010. Pulpit Red is getting back together and to celebrate the reunion, Suburban Empire Records is going to re-issue this amazing compilation album, which includes a large batch of their early recordings.

The second release is also a re-issue. We are re-issuing the 1995 ABF ep Spot. If you don't know anything about this band, it was a garage/crust punk rock band that started in 1990 in Oklahoma City and stayed together off and on until it eventually dissolved in 2001. The re-issue will include the original 4-tracks that were included on the 1995 release and will also include some earlier recordings of the band, demos and such.

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