Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Suburban Empire Update (12.4.13)

It just dawned on us here at Suburban Empire Records that we never gave any updates as to a couple of releases that were supposed to happen this year.

We previously mentioned that we would be re-issuing the Pulpit Red Backbreaker compilation. That is not likely to happen any time soon if at all. We had planned on re-issuing not only Backbreaker but also their Lurk album. Unfortunately, things fell through with those guys and...well, you know how that goes.

We also announced a re-issue of 1990s OKC punk rock band ABF's Spot EP. This was originally supposed to be released in the summer of 2013 but due to technical difficulties in retrieving some of the demo tracks we had wanted to put on the re-issue, that idea has more of less been scraped too. We have been thinking, however, of just re-issuing the EP as it was originally released. That is, without any additional tracks. If that happens, however, it won't be until after the New Year so just stay tuned to this website if you want to hear more about that.

The next release on Suburban Empire's slate, of course, is the long-awaited Ubergeek EP by Otisburg. That is scheduled to be released this Tuesday, December 10. So far, everything is going as planned and we don't see any snags in that one being released. You will be able to download the songs at If you would like a physical copy, just email us here at and we'll get you some information on how to get a physical copy of the CD.

Until then, stay tuned for more news!

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